Data2Dash and Trigerz are pleased to announce a partnership that will provide Trigerz users, a 100% Salesforce Native application, with robust data harnessing and dashboard solutions from Data2Dash.

This partnership will provide customers:

  • Future proof data strategies
  • Ensure high user adoption
  • Provide 360 visibility to all your datapoints

What this means for customers:

  • Data2Dash’s expertise in building data integration, cleansing and dashboard solutions will help customers tackle data inconsistencies and enable them to more effectively produce reliable insights ranging from win rate and sales velocity to revenue forecasting and customer retention. This will provide customers with a robust data strategy that can be adopted and sustained at user level using Trigerz allowing business to have 360 visibility of key data points that help drive their business forward.

Introduction to both services:

  • Data2Dash is an independent Data Strategy Solutions Provider founded in 2014 and have built up a wealth of experience in building strategic enterprise data technology solutions across business support functions and in multiple sectors. Key to the success of Data2Dash is our 3-step approach to building and maintaining agile data harnessing and dashboard solutions that improve the performance of your business. For more information on Data2Dash, please visit:
  • Trigerz platform is a 100% Salesforce Native application that helps your sales teams stay on top of their revenue generating tasks by driving the right behaviours, so managers and executives can focus on coaching and executing against strategy. Trigerz are notifications created by an event, scenario or action. These can then be pushed out to your teams as insights to drive the correct behaviour whether you are calling, managing opportunities or prioritising tasks. For more information on Trigerz, please visit:

If you would like to hear more or would like a data audit feel free to contact: [email protected] or [email protected]