The agile Data Analytics solutions we build and maintain for your business are delivered through our expert data strategy consulting services ranging from Data Management and Data Visualisation to Project Management and Technology services.


How do I Automate my Data Collection process and ensure it is reliable? How do I remove duplicates in my Vendor Master Data? How do I successfully Migrate Data to a new ERP system? How do I safeguard my organisation’s Data Management Processes and ensure continuity? These are some Data Management questions, Data2Dash can answer for you.

Our Data Strategy Consulting Service will optimise your End to End Data Management capability, ranging from Data Capture and Data Integration to Data Processing as well as Cloud or On-premises Data Warehousing solutions for storing your harmonised data. Explore our Data Analytics Solutions.


How do I identify which areas of the business cost reduction measures can be implemented? How do I track and benchmark the performance of my Assets?  How do I create and share Sales KPI Dashboards in my organisation? Do I have data available on my current suppliers to calculate the cost of purchase orders? These are some examples of questions our Dashboard and Data Visualisation Consultancy Service can answer for you.

Our focus on optimising your End to End Data Management capability through utilising technology, robust processes and clear ownership enables the creation of Dashboards and Data Visualisations that will produce the reliable insights you need to improve the performance of your business. Explore our Interactive Dashboard Solutions.


Utilising technology for your Data Analytics solutions is pivotal to a successful data strategy implementation but it has no value if it is not effectively deployed and managed in your organisation. Whether your are in the initial planning stages of a project or need to get an existing project back on track, our Project Management Services will provide your organisation with the resource, planning and execution to ensure your project goes live on time, on budget and on value. Explore our Dashboard Solution for Project Management Professionals.


Our technology consulting expertise has been built up over many years of hands-on strategic enterprise data technology solution implementations for multinational companies. Our client experiences have shown that some or most of your data harnessing capability may already be available to you through your existing technology whilst we keep a finger on the pulse of new technologies. The prime focus of our technology consulting service is to ensure your business can depend on a software and hardware set up that will keep your Data Analytics solution running smoothly.

Whether its a data integration tool you need developing to clean your data and a cloud storage solution to store that data or a reassessment and consolidation of your hardware and software licenses, our technology services ensures your Data Analytics solution is supported by robust, cost efficient and dependable technology.


Data2Dash delivers high quality and results driven data strategy consulting services. Depending on your needs our pricing can be on a fixed price basis, for the reassessment, development and implementation of all or a part of your Data Infrastructure, and/or, on an hourly / day rate basis, for  Data2Dash Consultants.