Data2Dash is an independent Data Strategy Consultancy founded in 2014 and consists of a growing international team of like-minded optimists who, since the start of this millennium, have built up a wealth of experience in implementing strategic enterprise data technology solutions for multinational companies in Financial Serivces, Real Estate Investment, Retail, Logistics and Healthcare. Key to the success of  Data2Dash is our  3-step approach to building and maintaining agile data infrastructure solutions that improve the performance of your business.

Our team of Professionals have worked with leading multinational companies including: Barclays, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Invesco, JP Morgan, MSCI, Microsoft, Philips, Unilever and Royal Dutch Shell. We have a vast experience in implementing agile data infrastructure solutions using a wide range of leading technology solutions including: Amazon Web Services, Google, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP.


The most advanced technology and the largest volumes of data in the world have no value if it isn’t supported and managed by talented people who are passionate about helping organisations develop and implement data strategies that supports their business objectives. Five years after our inception we are proud to have built up a strong team of Data Professionals across the Americas, Asia and Europe who are experts in their fields.

If your are a Data Professional with exceptional data management skills, used to working with different technologies, strong communication skills in single or multiple sectors and across business functions, then please get in touch.

If you have just left school, university or are simply passionate about working with technology to harness data and help businesses achieve their objectives, please get in touch for opportunities to further develop your data management skills and gain hands-on experience across business functions and multiple industries.



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    Please contact us if you require support with your Data Infrastructure Solution.

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