Einzelhandel Dashboard

The Interactive Retail Dashboard is displayed on this page, which is underpinned by a robust Data Infrastructure, which is built for a UK retailer that requires insight into its best selling products , average unit sales, price per customer , stock levels and discounts applied . These data insights helped devise a more focussed business strategy that improved in-store product and service offering and the effectiveness of it’s Online Marketing Campaigns , which led to a 20% increase in In-Store Sales and a doubling of Online Sales .

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Do you want to Interactive Retail Performance Dashboard like this? You are ready to convert your data into a Bespoke Dashboard with the insights you need to drive your business forward.

Data Infrastructure Solutions . We believe that data does not just magically appear and provide the valuable insights you need for your business integrate , clean and prepare data for your Dashboards and Data Visualizations . Please take a look at one of our Retail Data Infrastracture Solution Case Studies.